USA: Only slight increase in corona cases so far

Sunday, August 2, 8:00 p.m:


  • Today, 30,257 more people in the United States became ill with Corona. For every hundred thousand inhabitants, this means 9 new diseases. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a total of 4,619,620 infected persons have been registered in the USA. That is 1,401 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.
    Last week, there was an average of 64,346 new cases per day. That is 34,089 more than there were already today.
  • The number of new cases per day has hardly changed in the last 2 weeks. On average there were about 66,047 new infected people per day. On July 22nd, there were 81,781 new cases of the disease, the highest number of new infected persons in one day.
  • The number of deaths due to corona has increased by 469 to a total of 154,371 in the USA today. The mortality rate is thus currently 3.3%.
    At least 32% of the people who have been infected to date are currently considered healthy. (+23,722 healthy people compared to yesterday)
    Corona in the states of the USA

In the past week, there were particularly many new infections in 8 states. These include Florida with 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Tennessee with 43, Mississippi with 43 and more. Vermont, on the other hand, had the lowest rate of 0.6.

The most new cases per 100,000 inhabitants have been reported so far in

  • Alabama: +44 (absolute: +2,095)
  • Nevada: +42 (absolute: +1,131)
  • Florida: +38 (absolute: +7,104)
  • Washington: +26 (absolute: +1,738)
  • South Carolina: +26 (absolute: +1,189)

Yesterday, Texas had the most new cases of the disease for every hundred thousand people in the state with +52 (in total, 12,969 new infections in one day).

In comparison to the previous week, there are many new cases in Washington today. Last week there were 711 newly infected people per day, today there are 1,738.
With 132 cases, California currently has the most new corona victims.

The highest mortality rate is currently in the state of Connecticut with 8.9%, the lowest in Utah (0.8%).